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Sometimes our beautiful flags don't fit in neatly into a predefined category, so we've classified them as "other."  You'll also find coasters and other non-flag items here.

Wood is an imperfect material. We use knotty wood to create rustic interpretations of the American flag and use a burn method to "antique" the wood and highlight features of the grain. We try our hardest to get the best knot placement and burn pattern for the character of the flag. All flags are unique, as all pieces of wood are unique, and they WILL be slightly different than the flags pictured. Our flags are not intended to be flawless works of wooden art, but unique, rustic flags with character.

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Carved Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Flag

A tribute to all of the hard working LPNs! An American flag with the LPN logo carved in the star field.

Carved Registered Nurse (RN) Flag

The RN flag is a tribute to all of the hard working registered nurses! An American flag with the RN logo carved in the star field.

Custom Carved Flag

A nice combination of an American Flag and your selected graphic carved in the stars.

Custom Carved Coasters

Set of 4 coasters made from a rubber cored, vinyl laminated material embossed to look and feel like authentic hardwood . Custom carved, 100% waterproof, scratch and stain resistant. Each coaster is 4 in. x 4 in. and 7 mm thick.
$15.00 $10.00

Gift Card

An electronic gift card in the amount of your choosing. Good on anything we sell.

Carved Stripe Flag

A 21" x 11.25" completely carved flag with your custom graphic