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What is a rustic flag?

Rustic often refers to the charmingly simple and unsophisticated lifestyle considered typical of country living.

At Rustic Flags of Virginia, our flags are hand-crafted from unfinished or roughly finished wood, lightly torched, and coated in a satin clear coat giving them that charming rustic appearance.

Featured products

Carved Firefighter Flag

A nice combination of a Thin Red Line American Flag with a Maltese cross carved in the stars.

Gift Card

An electronic gift card in the amount of your choosing. Good on anything we sell.

Thin Blue Line Flag

A tribute to our police heroes. Field and red stripes are stained black, and the white stripes are natural wood. The blue line is stained blue.

Carved College Flag

A nice combination of an American Flag and a college logo carved in the stars.

Air Force Flag

A nice combination of a rustic, wooden American Flag and Air Force logo with your favorite airman's name.

Custom Carved Coasters

Set of 4 coasters. Custom carved, 100% waterproof, scratch and stain resistant. Each coaster is 4 in. x 4 in. and 7 mm thick.

Army Flag

A nice combination of a rustic, wooden American flag and Army logo customized with your favorite soldier's name.

Red, Wood, and Blue Flag

A hand-crafted American flag featuring a stained blue union, stained red stripes and natural wood white stripes.