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Police & Fire

In an effort to honor the sacrifices made by our police and firefighter communities, we offer "Thin Blue Line" and "Thin Red Line" rustic wooden flags.

The thin blue line flag stands for the sacrifice law enforcement officers of this nation make each day. The thin red line flag honors the heroic firefighters who risk life and limb every day to keep us safe from more serious danger on a daily basis.

Wood is an imperfect material. We use knotty wood to create rustic interpretations of the American flag and use a burn method to "antique" the wood and highlight features of the grain. We try our hardest to get the best knot placement and burn pattern for the character of the flag. All flags are unique, as all pieces of wood are unique, and they WILL be slightly different than the flags pictured. Our flags are not intended to be flawless works of wooden art, but unique, rustic flags with character.

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Thin Blue Line Flag

A tribute to our police heroes. Field and red stripes are stained black, and the white stripes are natural wood. The blue line is stained blue.

Army/Thin Blue Line Flag

A nice combination of the Thin Blue Line Flag and Army logo with your favorite soldier's name.

Navy/Thin Blue Line Flag

A nice combination of a Thin Blue Line American Flag and "America's Navy" or anchor logo with your favorite sailor's name.

Carved Firefighter Face Flag

A 21" x 11.25" carved Thin Red Line American Flag with a firefighter face integrated with the stripes . This flag is only available in one size.
$65.00 $50.00

Carved Firefighter Flag

A nice combination of a Thin Red Line American Flag with a Maltese cross carved in the stars.

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