About us

Rustic Flags of Virginia is a veteran-owned sole proprietorship business specializing in the creation of custom wooden flags. We combine craftsmanship and patriotism to deliver high-quality wooden flags that are proudly handcrafted in Yorktown, Virginia. Our flags are designed to evoke a sense of pride, nostalgia, and appreciation for our country's heritage.

We are dedicated to producing high-quality, handcrafted wooden flags that celebrate patriotism and honor our military heritage. With a strong online presence, customization options, and a commitment to supporting the local community, we aim to become a recognized brand in the home decor industry.

Vision Statement

To become the leading provider of custom wooden flags, known for our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and patriotic values.

Mission Statement

To create unique and meaningful wooden flags that inspire pride and patriotism while honoring our military heritage.