About Us

During my 25-years of U. S. military service around the world, the sight of this simple, yet glorious, flag always reminded me that the United States of America was the greatest country in the world and its people and principles were worth every struggle and sacrifice we've made to preserve our freedom and the "American way."

I began making these flags as gifts for friends and family.  As word spread, the demand grew and people everywhere began asking where they could buy one.  The answer is here!

We are a small operation based in Yorktown, Virginia, making and selling hand-crafted rustic flags.  Each of our flags are hand-made from real wood and feature:

  • customization to meet your needs (email us via the "Contact Us" page if you'd like something not shown on the site)
  • a special torch treatment to provide the rustic look
  • a satin clear coat finish